Monitoring, and Evaluation Assistant (M&E)

Monitoring, and Evaluation Assistant (M&E)
اسم المشروع: Monitoring, and Evaluation Assistant (M&E)
عدد الشواغر: 1
فترة المشروع: 27 سبتمبر 2023 - 03 أكتوبر 2023
المنطقة: قطاع غزة
شركاء التنفيذ:
الفئة المستهدفة: Bachelor's Degree preferably in the field of, Project management, Engineering, Development Studies, research.

MEAL Officer (TOR)

Position Title:
 Monitoring, and Evaluation Assistant (M&E)

Position Type: Fixed term Employment -Full Time (100%)
Location: Gaza Office
Duration:  Eight months with the possibility of extension
Department: Fundraising, Programs Design, and MEAL


The Palestinian Employment Fund (PEF) was established by Presidential Decree No. 9 of 2003 as a national institution with legal personality and independent financial authority to support economic development by activating and motivating labor market policies and implementing programs and projects to create and generate permanent employment opportunities. In this regard, the Fund was adopted as a reference and national umbrella for the entire employment operation by the Council of Ministers’ decisions issued in 2014 and 2016.


The M&E assistant will provide support for monitoring and evaluation processes of the projects, and complaints and redress in PEF. This role ensures that all M&E activities are in line with PEF and partners’ standards and that effective processes are built into the projects’ life cycles and PEF programs.


Essential Job Functions


Program Concept & Design

·         Support PEF’s fundraising and MEAL manager in developing new projects by providing required secondary data on the context and thematic areas, learning from previous projects, and primary data from needs assessments.

·         Ensure technical support is provided for proposals in developing log frames, indicators, M&E plans, and budgets (M&E activities, M&E staff, capacity building & tools), in alignment with PEF and partners’ standards.

·         Ensure partner assessment and selection is done based on their capacity to monitor & report back to PEF on progress and uphold operational standards.


Monitoring & Reporting

·         Ensure all approved projects have the following within a month from the start of the project: PEF standard log frame, M&E plan. With defined indicators, M&E calendar, Detailed implementation plan (DIP), field-level

·         Data collection tools, mobile data collection tools, and databases for collection, consolidation, and reporting.

·         If needed, ensure partners are trained on the M&E and reporting requirements.

·         Ensure PEF frontline and technical staff are knowledgeable on technical aspects related to M&E, tools, and quality standards and can comply.

·         Ensure partner & direct implementation is monitored regularly for quality standards through scheduled visits, data quality audits, spot check/verification visits against reports, and reports reviews (as per agreed schedule with donors and partnership).

·         Ensure the effective functioning of the M&E system and that the outputs of this system reach PEF management and other stakeholders in an accurate and timely manner.

Project closeout, Evaluations

·         Ensure an end-line measurement of the outcome level indicators is conducted to understand the change PEF programs contributed to.

·         If required by the donor, ensure to lead/coordinate the end of the project evaluation process in alignment with PEF standards.

·         act with the project coordinator/ manager to conduct program-level Evaluations periodically.

·         Ensure all M&E data, reports, and records are organized and archived in a central location for future reference.


·         Ensure all relevant PEF frontline & technical staff are assisted in strengthening their understanding of M&E concepts and competencies as a part of the M&E system establishment.

·         Ensure partner capacity is built to comply and produce high-quality M&E products in line with PEF & donor standards and requirements.

·         Ensure management of day-to-day M&E tasks are completed with appropriate resources, proper planning, and to the highest standard required.

·         Support other tasks assigned by the Head of Fundraising, Programs Design and MEAL Department requires.

GRM Management

·         According to an agrees upon grievance and redress mechanism at PEF, the M&E Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

·         Grievance reception and acceptance.

·         The acknowledgment, assessment, and recording of the grievance.

·         The investigation related to the grievance.

·         Resolving the grievance.

·         Following up and reaching a complaint satisfaction.

·         The documentation for the whole process in a proper manner.


Knowledge and Experience 

·         Bachelor's Degree preferably in the field of, Project management, Engineering, Development Studies, research.

·         Demonstrated knowledge of quantitative and qualitative M&E systems and tools.

·         Minimum 3 years of applied experience with humanitarian or social development programs, in a managerial position that includes designing, implementing, and overseeing monitoring and evaluation tasks.

·         Previous experience in conducting training and coaching on M&E-related issues is a plus.

·         Experience in managing complaints and redress systems, coherently with the institution’s policies and international policies is a plus.

·         Proven ability to work productively with a variety of stakeholders to run participatory processes and meet tight deadlines with an emphasis on quality.

·         Experience conducting interviews and focus group discussions with persons as well as a variety of stakeholders.

·         Experience in data analysis, and reporting.

·         Knowledge of causal analysis approaches (e.g. problem tree analysis, SWOT analysis) and carry out situation analysis and assessments of needs and opportunities (with inputs from the program team).

·         Excellent computer skills, including experience with Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, SPSS, Access, or any other statistical packages.

·         Commitment to local capacity building and the ability to engage local stakeholders in the project design and implementation. 

·         Knowledge of small projects.

·         Professional in English.


·         Critical thinking and strong analytical skills.

·         Demonstrated understanding of data protection and confidentiality as part of data collection and management practices, and ability to respect and maintain confidentiality.

·         Strong writing skills – i.e. excellent data interpretation skills and an ability to translate and present complex ideas into simple concepts and graphics/messages, in a convincing and unbiased manner.

·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, maintaining close working relationships with staff members and other external partners. 

·         Excellent management skills, teamwork, and flexibility.

·         Fluency in spoken and written Arabic and English.

·         “Commitment to the vision and goals of PEF, including adherence to the National Employment Policy and International labor policies, is essential”




Interested candidates should send their CV and a cover letter in English no later than  03/10/2023  to the following email: 

Please indicate the position title in the email subject line, and include the name and surname on the CV and Cover letter documents.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


فترة المشروع: 27 سبتمبر 2023 الى 03 أكتوبر 2023
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